date of birth / agemarch 9 / 17 moons
started at 7 mo

gendertrans masc + he/they




relationship statustaken


biography HEIGHT 30 cm
WEIGHT 10.5 lb
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION tundrawolf is a feline of large stature, boasting a significant height and muscle mass. he hit an early growth spurt and towers over his peers, always having been quite large, but it seems he's finally stopped growing. his pelt is long and thick, and incredibly plush to the touch despite its constant dirty and rugged appearance. the base color of his pelt is a light, muted brown, covering the mane of fur around his throat and the entirety of his belly. over the rest of his body is a slightly darker and richer brown, with deeper stripes dancing over his face, legs, flanks, and tail. the left side of his face is painted black, and the same shade envelops his front paws and swallows the base of his tail as well as his right hind leg. stripes extend from his haunches over his sides and tail and a few lone black stripes sit elsewhere on his form. finally, a creamy white touches over his cheeks and eyelids, dripping down to his mid chest, and some touches his lower belly. his right dew claw shares the same color, as do a majority of his toes on his front left and back right paws, the last area to be painted white being his tail tip. tundra's eyes bear sectoral heterochromia, sky blue with smudges of chocolate brown here and there.
IMPAIRMENTS/DISABILITIES he has slight hearing and sight problems. his right hind leg is scarred heavily and he cannot put much weight on it, leaving him with a permanent limp.


HISTORY tundrawolf and their sibling were born with the names sprout and twig, to two young loners at the base of a mountain. they were barely old enough to be parents, and had few skills between them--they could hardly take care of themselves, let alone two kittens. as soon as the kits could be weaned off milk, their parents were gone for hours, and hours turned to days. sprout and twig were never well fed, always going to bed hungry and covered in scratches from fighting over what food their parents brought back for them. as the days long absences went on, sprout took to wandering outside. it was such a big world, and he had it all to himself. the feeling of freedom was wonderful--he couldn't get enough of it. yet, no matter how hard he tried to get twig to come along on his adventures, his brother refused. there's wild animals out there, he'd mew. it's not safe. sprout would only laugh. wild animals? he could take them, no problem! i'll keep you safe, twig! i will! but still the boy said no.

and so, sprout wandered alone. if twig didn't want to see the world, then he could stay holed up in their den, waiting for their parents to come back. sprout was going to discover the treasures the outside world had in store for him. he caught bugs for food and took to scavenging, stealing scraps from the finds of crows. as far as sprout was concerned, this was the best his life had ever been.

at the age of six moons, he came upon the clans. sprout was making his way into brena when he was caught by a few guards who immediately began bombarding him with questions.

where's your parents?
i dunno.

do you live around here?

do you have any other family?
i don't.

what's your name?

name. he had a name, didn't he? it had been a couple moons since he'd heard it last... or even spoken at all. everything before was pretty fuzzy. he remembered twig, but that wasn't him. name, name, name... tundra. he remembered hearing the word before when his parents were talking. he wasn't exactly sure what it was, or what it meant, but it was something. so, his name was tundra.

brena took him in, but after a few days, he was moved to nara and given the name tundrapaw.

- tundrapaw iss apprenticed to ivybranch. the two bond very quickly, with tundra immediately looking to her as a mother figure
- tundrapaw meets leafpaw and they hit it off quickly. the two are best friends in no time
- tundrapaw starts a gang composed of other naran (and some other clan) apprentices
- tundrapaw fights a bear in the dark incursion and comes out relatively unscathed
- cotton'sil addresses nara, and said addressal turns into a fight. tundrapaw is the first to strike cotton. however he, leafpaw, and ivybranch leave soon after
- tundrapaw struggles with his identity
- tundrapaw encounters another apprentice being attacked by a badger. terrified, he turns and runs without helping. the apprentice survives
- tundrapaw and leafpaw complete their training soon after, becoming tundrawolf and leafhopper, and very soon after the two disappear into the mountainous regions of the territories
- in shadowfall, tundrawolf encounters a deviate raccoon. it wounds his hind leg as he flees and leaves him with a permanent limp
- tundrawolf and leafhopper return to nara

more to come.

misc info
  • inosuke hashibira voiceclaim (sample)
  • enjoys chewing on bones and sticks
  • stinky and dirty. has never taken a bath once in his life
  • fast. very fast. speedy
  • still doesn't think goldbloods are real
  • doesn't seem to have as big of an appetite as he used to
  • has no idea what's going on at any given moment
  • doesn't understand clan customs/traditions, and likely never will
  • can't catch social cues and doesn't understand when people are nice to him
  • str 20 (+10)
  • dex 12 (+1)
  • con 18 (+1)
  • int 1
  • wis 5
  • cha 7

    BASIC SKILL: defense, acrobatics
    ADVANCED SKILL: resurge

    STAT BOOSTS: +1 con (basic skill bonus), +1 dex (basic skill/meme reward), +2 str (meme rewards), +3 str (dark incursion reward), +5 str (shadowfall reward)


CRUSH - leafhopper
PARTNER - leafhopper

FRIENDS - leafhopper, ivybranch
CLOSE FRIENDS - leafhopper, ivybranch

MENTOR - formerly ivybranch

RANDOM NUMBER: 9 (champion)